Heading 2

Chetwode Arms

Restaurant & Take-Away

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from 5pm until 7pm

£10 off per person on all Adult size Hot Rock Meals (Children have thier own specials)



   All Hot Rock Meals are served with house fries

grilling vegetables and pepper sauce


8oz Prime British Fillet Steak £25.50

10oz Prime British Rib Eye Steak £22.95

10oz Prime British Sirloin Steak £22.95

Surf and Turf

 Fillet Steak and Prawns £32.50

Surf and Turf

Fillet Steak and Whole Lobster Tail £38.50

 (V) Halloumi Rock £17.50

Duck Breast £19.95

Exotic Triple Burger £19.95

(Croc, Zebra, Wagyu or other)

Tomahawk £38.95

Lamb Cutlets and Fillet Steak £23

Large Lobster Tail and Tiger Prawns £37

Garlic butter or Lemon butter



Out of Africa £25.95

Choice of 2 game meats plus

 prime steak


Kangaroo (Australia)

 pure tender meat, slightly gamy


Wild Boar (Australia)

 fine grained meat, light in colour


Zebra (South Africa)

 sweeter than beef, deep red colour


Duck Breast (France)

dark red in colour,


Crocodile (South Africa)

 white meat, taste like chicken


Reindeer (Sweden)

   meaty gamey flavour

Ostrich (South Africa)

 Red in colour like venison


Llama (South America)

 taste between Lamb and Beef


Halloumi (Cyprus)

 grilling cheese

Lamb Cutlets 


distinctive fine taste

Water Buffalo (Italian)

Fine grained, Beef flavour