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A healthier way of eating


Cooking on a Black Rock Grill is not only fun, it is a healthier way of cooking because it doesn’t use fats or oils.

This is perfect for anyone who is on the Paleo diet

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Roast Beef
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The food is cooked at a high temperature on a volcanic rock which itself has been heated to 440 degrees C/824 degrees F 

Our dishes are mainly prepared and cooked to order from fresh. tastefully crafted by our skilled team of chefs. The main part of our food offerings are served on Hot Stones, which is a 21th century dining concept but also a practise dating back thousands of years.

Enjoy a variety of  exotic meats from around the world, prime british cuts as well as fresh fish and vegetarian options cooked on a hot volcanic rock right at your table.  Your choice of fish, meat or poultry is placed before you giving you the opportunity to cook your meal exactly how you like it.

Hot Rock Menu

Choose of below, served with Hand cut chips, battered onion ring,

Grilling Vegetables and Dip or Pepper source.


8 oz British Fillet Steak £24.95

10 oz British Rib Eye £22.95

10 oz British Sirloin £22.95


Forest Gump: Wild boar Fillet and Beef Fillet £21.00

Prince Madoc: 3 Lamb Cutlets and Beef Fillet £21.00

The Ugly Duckling: Fresh Duck Breast £19.50

(v) Zorba the Greek: Haloumi Cheese £17.50

Lobster Tail (5oz) and British Beef Fillet £36.50

Giant Prawns and British Beef Fillet £27.50


(AOO) Out of Africa £25.95

Orinally only a selection of african game.

Now exstended to include rest of world`

Out Of Africa

120 gm of beef steak plus a selection any 2 from the current list




Welsh Lamb

Water Buffalo


Wild Boar




Belgium Blue

Wagyu Rumps steak

Taster portion Python £3.50 extra